One of the questions I get asked mostly, is "Isn't it better to get a Female than a Male?"  It is actually very Sad that males have a bad Rap, and there really is nothing to warrent that except for folks concern about a Male lifting his leg to mark his territory on their furniture after he is an adult.   Male dogs are Wonderful and Loving Pets, and sometimes even much more so than a Female.   If you are adopting a Male dog for a Pet Only and do not plan on ever breeding him, then he should be neutered soon as he is old enough, and you will Not have the problem of him "marking his territory"  by lifting his leg on everything.  Actually many times if a male is neutered as a pup, he may never even lift his leg at all, and still continue to squat to pee, but not always.   Males you intend to raise to be a Stud male or Do Not Neuter, may lift their leg after becoming an adult due to females coming into season, which they can detect for blocks away many times, and they may also try to get out and roam. Althour you Can Still Train them to be Good House Dogs and Not Pee in your Home.  Our males are Trained in our home and are also our Stud males. But if Neutered, Training a Male is just as easy as training a female, and also Sometimes easier.  They have a more kickback personality and are Very dedicated to their Owner and do thier best to protect you at all costs.  They are just as Loveable, and big babies and Absolutely Love kisses, hugs and all the walks, playing and adventures you take them on.   They are Excellent companion dogs, and as you see, the Percentage of all TV Shows and Movies made with those Fun Loving and Smart Dedicated Dogs are mostly Males.   Folks who have owned Males, LOVE Males and want only males in the future most of the time.  If you are considering a Male but are Not sure, just let me know and I can put you in contact if you wish to other Folks who bought males from me over the years, and you can ask them about their experience with them.   Yep Folks,  Little Boys are Wonderful Too.  

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