My family and I had a Pekingese we got as a rescue and fell in love with her and the breed. She was full grown when we got her so we did not know how old she was, but after 12 years with our family she passed away. We were very sad and looking to fill the hole in our hearts when we found Wendy and Don on Wendy responded immediately to our inquiries about their dogs and was very accommodating in getting us our new puppy Daisy. Daisy came with all of her paperwork and shots plus a very helpful starter pack of food, dog bed, blanket, and toys. We are very satisfied with their service and loving our new puppy!

If you want to use her picture that is fine. We named her Empress Lady Masako, but we call her "Empress" for short.  She is a very good learner, and we felt she could do well at a show.  We've never done one, so it was a new experience for us as well. She attended one puppy class and we practiced walking on a leash at a local Petsmart,
and stacking her on a table at home, we used positive reinforcement as taught by Victoria Stilwell.
The show was the  61st Silver State Kennel Club Show at the Rivera Hotel & Casino, there were 1004 dogs entered, and 333 competing in the AKC Owner-Handler Competition.  She competed in three rings, and wound up with four ribbons.  We were happy and surprised, as there were people there who had older and more experienced dogs and had been doing shows for years.  She was the youngest, as her birthday fell on the exact date to compete, the 29th.   Yours truly, Robert and Komino


Thank you so very much Wendy for such a beautiful gift!! We cannot express enough all of the gratitude we have for you and your family for our precious little Bentley!!


Last year we decided we wanted to give our 16 year old Peke a little buddy. It had been only "Bailey" since she was 3 mo old. 

We went to Wendy's amazing, well illustrated website and took a look at the puppies she had available. We fell in love right away! There was Bentley, cute as can be! We immediately texted Wendy to inquire about him. 

Within minutes Wendy responded to us and within a few days time she was letting us know we could meet to see Bentley. We drove 3.5 hours in the rain to meet.

 Right away I could see that Bentley was well cared for. He was very used to being held, and loved. The interaction with Wendy was very comfortable. She is very passionate about her pups and wants only the best for them. She went over his shot record with us, Everything was up to date. She gave us a care package for Bentley to send him off with. Toys, his baby blanket, food etc. Got home and took him into our vet....Perfect health! 


 He is a sweet, well adjusted 1 year old now. He brings so much joy to our lives, everyday!! He is very social and LOVES his toys! 


And our NOW 17 year old Peke absolutely loves him!!  She didn't quite feel that way when we brought him home, but now she does for sure! He keeps her young and active!


There are not many days that pass where I am not thinking of Wendy and the love she gave to Bentley his first few months. She is like a distant family member that you cherish, but just don't get the opportunity to see often. I am always sending her updates with Bentley as she cares so much about her pups!!! She is a breeder that I highly recommend to anyone wanting a well taken care of Peke. 


Thank you again for our beautiful baby and the care you gave and continue to give!


Tiffany and Dirk Hansen

  may- 2019






I got my first Pekingese 18 years ago when a friend was no longer able to keep her. She died two years later but I was in love with the breed. I got my next Pekingese through Terry Lee at Just Love ‘em Pekingnese. She was a special little girl named Pekoe. She was the perfect little dog, and my best buddy. I lost her in July 2018 and it took me a while to be ready for another dog. When I was ready, I contacted the sister site of Just Love ‘em Pekingnese on the West Coast. Wendy was so understanding, and so easy to work with, so I knew she was a very caring and passionate breeder. I told her that I wanted a female and on the day she had a litter, she contacted me. I picked my puppy, and Wendy sent me frequent pictures with updates so I felt very comfortable and was in love before I ever met her. My puppy was the runt, and Wendy was very concerned for her. She was very protective and made sure she was ready to leave her mom and live with me, so my adoption was delayed. I absolutely respected Wendy’s judgment.
When the time came to meet my puppy, Wendy and her husband brought her to me with a basket full of goodies including a blanket and a toy with the scent of her mother and sister to make the transition easier. Working with Wendy it’s been a pleasure and I am exceptionally happy with my new baby girl Gabby.  January-5-2019

I was lucky enough to find Lucy in Puppy Find and immediately fell in love with her.  I found Wendy to be very helpful and easy to deal with.  Wendy truly loves her babies and kept me up to date on Lucy’s progress.  What I really enjoyed about purchasing my puppy from Wendy was how she kept me up to date on her growth.  Lucy has the sweetest personality and is a joy to have in our family.  She is so calm and easy to get along with.  I think these positive traits come from the love they are given from birth.  Thank You Wendy and Don for allowing me to adopt my little Lucy.
 january -5- 2019 Linda Clark - California 
I am so grateful for my puppy, Georgie, who I got from Wendy when she was just 8 weeks old. I did months of research after falling in love with Pekingese and wanted to make sure that they would be a good fit for my lifestyle and home. It was important to get a puppy with good temperament so that I could bring them wherever I go, including to work. Once I found Wendy, I knew this was a responsible breeder who I could trust. I spoke to Wendy over text, phone and email leading up to making my decision and within minutes, she was responding to my lengthy questions. I was so impressed with her knowledge of the breed and more importantly, her love for her dogs. When she had a litter of puppies, I drove to see her at her home. She is so sweet and her home is exactly what I hoped for; happy little dogs running around with toys and lots of family to love and care for them. I was able to see and hold Georgie when she was just five or six weeks at Wendy's house and she was perfect. I also got to see Georgie's mom, Sushi and dad, Ping Pong who are both adorable and small. Being able to see the mom and dad dog and their temperament confirmed just how serious Wendy takes the responsibility of raising happy, healthy dogs. I left with a sense of comfort knowing Georgie was being raised in such a great home. I couldn't wait to bring her home! 
Wendy kept me updated on a weekly basis leading up to when it was time to pick up Georgie. I would receive vet updates, pictures, (which were my favorite!), and all of the general information new puppy owners could expect When it was finally time to take her home, Wendy and her husband Don met with me to get her settled. They brought me a care package that was beyond anything I'd expected. It had her bed, her toys, food, a fluffy blanket and even a little red t-shirt with a sparkly bone on it! This was too much - I couldn't believe how much thought they put into every detail. Even then, since we were near a Petsmart, I asked if Wendy and Don would be kind enough to go in with me to stock up on anything else I might need. They happily did and I was able to get things like her puppy shampoo, the large bag of the food that she eats and a few other fun things. They were amazing and even insisted on buying a few more supplies for me! As if that wasn't enough, they offered to stay and buy me lunch. Just absolutely lovely people who through this experience have become friends.
Once I got her home, she was crate-trained within a few days, sleeping for 8 hours(!!!!!) and is the sweetest, funniest little puppy ever. I taught her to sit and shake when she was only 9 weeks old, which still amazes people when they see it because she learned when she was so little! She is so smart and has since learned even more commands.
I am so in love with little Georgie and it turns out, so is everyone else! So many people want to take her picture that I finally made her an Instagram page called Hi_Im_Georgie! We share pictures on there as well as on Wendy's Instagram and Facebook page, PekingeseRus. There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not stopped for people to come up and pet and fawn over Georgie. She is incredibly social and loving with all people and animals and I take her with me everywhere because she's so small! For anyone who asks, I point them directly to Wendy. They will not find a better mentor should they decide to adopt one of these little cuties!
I can't say enough great things about Wendy and the amazing job she does. I am happy to provide a reference to anyone who is thinking about getting one of Wendy's puppies. This entire experience has been wonderful and I couldn't be happier! 




  Wendy, I thank you for raising such a wonderful, calm puppy. Teddy let me sleep since day 1 since he came here. When I put him in his room he dont cry. What did you with him? He is a good boy at night time he dont cry or bark at all.  He learned to go on wee wee pad the first night. He learned to sit and his name the first day too. So smart he is. You did an amazing job the first few weeks of his puppyhood. Everyone that meets him loves him they say why is he so calm? I told them its his breeder who raised him well

He is chewing his bone in his room. I bought him a new bed today. Vet said he is getting big

I might get a baby sister for him next spring so keep me in mind.

I will reccomend you to everyone. Everyone tells me what a good beautiful puppy he is but thats cause you did an amazing job raising him.



My husband and I adopted a sweet and beautiful Pekingese puppy (Samantha) from Wendy in May of 2014.  She was born on the day our loving Tootsie (also a darling Pekingese) died in March 2014.  We had adopted Tootsie from Wendy's sister in-law Terry and when Tootsie left us, we knew we wanted another. As Terry no longer resided in California we were fortunate to meet Wendy.  From the time we knew we were adopting Samantha Wendy kept us informed on her development and progress.  Even after we brought her home Wendy continued to be a great source of information and insight.  From the day we brought her home Samantha has been healthy and happy and I credit her care from before she was born as the basis for this.  We are currently waiting to bring home a playmate for Sam - also from Wendy!  And he is receiving the same great nurturing care as all of the puppies receive from Wendy.  My husband and I feel so fortunate to have met Wendy and have been so blessed with these great dogs.  Thank you  Linda s. From Ca


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