Date:_____________2021__              Puppy Adoption - Liability Agreement / Guarantee,          Receipt and Care Instructions...    Sellers Address PO BOX 303       Lucerne  Valley,  Ca.  92356   Cell  909-361-0001        Buyers Name: __________________________________           Address__________________________    ________________________________     Breed - Pekingese  /  Name___________________    Sex________       Date of Birth______________   Age  ______________         Deposit Accepted $___200____________       Balance Due $_________________   Total Price $________________

As In Home Hobbist Breeders, We are committed to your complete satisfaction. All puppies sold will be honestly represented and evaluated as accurately as possible. While we take great measures to ensure the health of our dogs, and are Very Happy to say that our Adult Dogs and Puppies have had a remarkably Healthy History, Please keep in mind, any puppy may develop health problems. With your New Puppy you will Receive A Health Record along with the following guarantee: Your puppy will be checked by a licensed veterinarian and found to be healthy. Your puppy will have his or her 1st. Vaccination and all dewormings needed to date. ( ask your vet about follow up deworming VERY IMPORTANT !)  If The Puppy Weighs Over 2 LBS They have had their first 5 in 1  Vaccination at 7 weeks of age, There are three (3) other required sets of vaccinations that must be given, at the age of 10-11 weeks, 14-15 weeks and 18-19 weeks of age (refer to puppy's health record). If your puppy should be adopted at an older age, all shots due will be given prior to delivery, including A Rabies Vaccination, Certificate and Dog Tags. The buyer is also advised not to take the puppy into public places or allow it to socialize with dogs that may be not vaccinated until its immunizations are in order, as recommended by your veterinarian, to insure immunity against disease.

Your newly adopted/purchased puppy/dog must be taken to a licensed veterinarian at the soonest available time, within 7 days of Posession for a check-up, and report retained for future reference. If a new owner fails to take their new puppy to a vet of their choice Within The 7 Days form time of Posession, it will render this health guarantee null and void.  Hereditary Guarantee*Our puppies are guaranteed for a period of 1 year from date of birth against any Heart or Liver genetic

defects that would severely impair the dog's quality of life. If a genetic heart or liver problem is confirmed by a Vet of the breeder's choice (expense to be paid by the buyer), a replacement dog/puppy of equal value will be provided as soon as one is available. We must be notified at once at the onset of the problem, in writing, with a report from the veterinarian on Official Letterhead. If the puppy is proved to responsibility of the purchaser. All vet charges incurred by the purchaser are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and will under no circumstances be paid by us!

* In the event that your puppy should suddenly die, within the 1 year from date of purchase, an autopsy should be performed within 72 hours of the time of death at the expense of the buyer. If the buyer wishes not to perform an autopsy then this guarantee becomes null and void. While waiting for an autopsy to be performed the puppy should be kept refrigerated, NOT FROZEN, to keep puppy from decaying.

* If an autopsy is performed and it is determined that the puppy died from a Covered Genetic defect the puppy will be replaced once the buyer has furnished us with a Licensed veterinarian report along with the Autopsy report as to the cause of death. Buyer will pay all shipping expenses if a replacement puppy is requested. If an autopsy is performed, at the buyers expense, and it is determined that the puppy did NOT die from a genetic defect we will not be held liable for any compensation for the puppy. We reserve the right to have the Vet report and autopsy findings reviewed by our own Vet.

* Because of the variety and poor quality of many Brands of Dog Foods available,  we Strongly Recommend that at all times yours/our dogs/puppies be kept on a quality food.  We Recommend 1st, (Science Diet Puppy Small Bites,) or Ultimately a Good Holistic Diet.

*Other Genetic defects that are not covered under this warranty may include diseases of any nature, so it is Vital That the buyer to keep there new puppy's vaccinations current and up to date. Umbilical Hernias are common due to the Mother Cleaning Their Newborns resulting in their Pulling on the Puppy's Umbilical Cord,  often this condition will reduce in size on its own with age and if not totally closed it does not poses a life threatening condition. If A Umbilical Hernia Is Present and Obvious to us we will always Disclose this Information to all our Potential Buyers Before Releasing The Puppy to them, If buyer chooses to have the umbilical hernia closed surgically "After receiving their Puppy", it is totally the financial and physical responsibility of the buyer.

The breeder strongly suggests the buyer to take their new puppy to obedience classes to learn proper handling techniques, although ONLY after puppy has had all of the  vaccinations needed for his first year.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or problems that arise during your pet's lifetime. We would also appreciate your updates as this helps to keep us informed on the bloodline and of your satisfaction.

PLEASE READ and TAKE NOTICE : There is no written or implied guarantee by US that any puppy or adult dog will be of show or breeding quality, or to be able to stud or whelp puppies. Specific Size, Weight, Teeth, Testicles, Temperament, Eyes, Flat Nosed Puppy Stenotic Nares Conditions, Hearing and or Deafness ARE NOT GUARANTEED in Any Way.

 Environmental,  referring to abuse, neglect, teasing, or failing to train the dog properly, over feeding- underfeeding, or feeding inappropriate foods, inappropriate living conditions etc. Other environmental factors includes, for example: allergies, viruses, coccidia, giardia, thyroid dysfunction, demodectic mange, and other autoimmune disorders that are not covered by this guarantee.

If Offered, You will receive  ACA or AKC  Full  registration papers with your new puppy. We Reserve the Right to Refuse to sell a puppy to anyone even when a deposit has been made (We will return the deposit to you promptly), If we have refused to sell the puppy/dog to you. Otherwise all Deposits are Non-Refundable Under Any Circumstaces.

* If ALL conditions of this contract are not met, this contract is then null and void.

* This Guarantee Agreement supersedes any and all previous agreements.

* This Guarantee is Non-Transferable.

* By sending your payment for this puppy by, Postal Money Order, or By Credit Card Option Through, or Zelle  you have acknowledged that you have read, understood, and agreed to all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement...   Please Note :  These are the only 2 forms of Payment We Accept, Except For Cash on Local Pick Ups...

* Both parties are aware that this is a legal and binding Agreement. The Buyer has read, Understands and has signed this agreement in front of the seller, by mail or electronlc email signature and understands the puppy is sold in good health to the best of the sellers knowledge, By Signing this agreement, The Buyer understands and accepts sellers limited liability as stated within this agreement ...

Buyers Signature: _________________________________  Electronic Signatures - eMail Verification Required...

Seller _Wendy Cone_________________________________

 Questions?    Call   us  1-909-361-0001

MOST IMPORTANT STRESS KILLS :  Your new (Baby-Puppy) was recently vaccinated and dewormed and now is being introduced to your new environment and for the first time is away from both mother, siblings and Us !  These are all stressful circumstances especially for a baby puppy ! IF NOT SURE, PLEASE ASK US  and try to mimic the care the puppy had prior to coming home with you to help avoid the harmful conditions that stress can cause ! Your puppy will stress out very easily right now so try to limit holding/handling much for the first few days allowing the puppy to slowly adjust to their new environment.Give the puppy the blanket and toys we provided for the familiar smells,  Keep the puppy in a Medium 24" X 24" open top box or similar, for the first few days to have a stress free adjustment to his /her new surroundings, 1/2 blanket and bed the other newspaper kibble and water,  To large of an area or playpen can cause over exertion especially when they first come home !  Feed Three to 4 times daily as much as they will eat, keep Hard Kibble and fresh Clean bottled water down at all times, (Bottled water prevents Giardia),Provide a soft stuffed toy for the puppy to snuggle with to replace the mother and sibs, some people add a small ticking clock to help comfort the baby. Stress can cause exaustion and lead to the loss of appetite and lethargic conditions that can ultimatly be life threatening !  check the stool daily for a good consistency, and call us with any questions or concerns night or day, we are always glad to help !  Thank You !

NOTE:  THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED AND RETURNED BEFORE THE PUPPY IS RELEASED X__________________________________________________     






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