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Jen D   DeCaviazoo@gmail.com
10-06-2021 9:29:48 AM MST

We absolutely adore our boy, Widdle Loki, that we got from Wendy!!! He's healthy and so loving. I was a complete mess after I my 1st peke, Blossom,passed away suddenly right before things shut down from Corona in 2020. Wendy and her husband went above and beyond to get Widdke in my arm even when he couldn't be flown to me as planned. My lost smile came back the moment he was in my arms. He's in my face giving kisses every morning he sees my eyes open. He loves to be held and played with. He's boss of the pack. I would highly consider getting another Peke from Wendy!!

Denese Ecker
03-25-2021 10:15:09 PM MST

I’m adding a picture of my Ricky that didn’t go through the first time?

Denese Ecker
03-25-2021 10:12:40 PM MST
We are the proud parents of Ricky!!! He’s the best puppy ever!Wendy met us half way on 9/9/20. And we have been in love Ever since!! He’s a puppy so he’s been a hand full but potty trained really fast and trains very easy. I carry him across the street so he waits at the curb til I pick him up! He’s the love of our lives... Thank you Wendy for being the best breeder ever. Oh and When we took him to our vet he was amazed at how healthy and perfect he is!

Denese Ecker
03-25-2021 10:12:14 PM MST
We are the proud parents of Ricky!!! He’s the best puppy ever!Wendy met us half way on 9/9/20. And we have been in love Ever since!! He’s a puppy so he’s been a hand full but potty trained really fast and trains very easy. I carry him across the street so he waits at the curb til I pick him up! He’s the love of our lives... Thank you Wendy for being the best breeder ever. Oh and When we took him to our vet he was amazed at how healthy and perfect he is!

03-17-2021 11:44:53 AM MST

I got Lola in September from Wendy, following my dad's adoption of Kimba from Wendy last spring. Lola is the light of my life and she is such a good little dog. I have never met a dog with a better disposition. She is truly a gem, not to mention cute as a bug. My dad and I are both grateful for Wendy!!

Gerilynn S.
01-02-2021 10:28:02 AM MST

I met Wendy thru her brothers sight. At the time last year she was waiting for a litter to be born. I deep divide her sight and references and I learned that everyone said nothing but the best things about Wendy. I decided to go forward with my deposit and I patiently waited. The pups were born, and I had my choice. Wendy talked me through every question I had, and let me tell you, I had a million questions. She also gave me updates, all the time. I loved this about how she handles things. Fast forward 3.5 months after they were born- I settled with a gorgeous little parti girl and named her Malibu. It was time for me to get her but I couldn’t get to her. I live in Lake Tahoe between Nevada and California. Wendy recommended her Nanny. Wow what a great Nanny! He was so nice, I got my new little girl on time with no hassles and I made a friend too. It’s been a month and a half almost 2 months now. Wendy still provides advice, questions answered and has been wonderful to work with. Malibu came to me in perfect condition, she knew her name, she is so loving and I can’t believe how potty trained she was. I love this little puff girl dog, Wendy made me so very happy and I made a good friend in the process. I would recommend Wendy to anyone looking for a breeder. She is kind, considerate, compassionate and showers her pups with love. This was such a good experience for me, When I found Wendy I was broken hearted from the loss of my baby after 10 years. It was the best thing to do it like I did, I healed in the process of waiting for Malibu and Wendy really got me so excited and in the right frame of mind for my new puppy. I will be getting another girl one day in the not too distant future. Everything about this experience was perfect. Thank you again Wendy, you really are the BEST.

12-31-2020 3:27:40 AM MST

Wendy is a pleasure to communicate with! From my initial call up until now, she has always been there to answer all of my questions and address any concerns I have. I received weekly pictures and videos of the puppy I picked out from the available litters she had. Wendy is very knowledgeable, caring, and takes pride in raising each and everyone of her puppies. Her hard work and dedication truly shine through and I will be forever grateful to her. My puppy came home healthy, happy, well socialized and potty trained.

Shoua yang    Shoua_91@hotmail.com
12-30-2020 9:58:29 PM MST

Picture of my beautiful baby...

Shou yang    Shoua_91@hotmail.com
12-30-2020 9:55:14 PM MST
Best decision I made this year in 2020 with this year being the worst year for me ended up being the best year before it ended...Wendy is the most sweetest and best dog owner,breeder you will ever meet and we will for sure be coming back for more babies later on thanks, again Wendy we love our baby so much...

Debbie    debkabriel@yahoo.com
11-23-2020 7:19:46 PM MST
I got my Pekingese puppy from Wendy this month. He is so precious and well socialized. He is such a happy little guy and was almost potty trained from the day I got him. I can't say enough good about dealing with Wendy. She went above and beyond to get my baby to me. I highly recommend Wendy for her caring ways and she is such a pleasure to deal with. She has called to check on the baby and given me advice about him. I will definitely call Wendy when I want to get another Peke.

jan   paisley
07-23-2020 12:59:23 PM MST
My Paisley came from Wendy..she is 2 1/ 2...she is so beautiful and so precious..anyone who gets a Peke baby from Wendy will be so very lucky!!

Alyssa & Ali
05-08-2020 9:30:58 AM MST

We recently got our Willow bear from Wendy and she is so beautiful!!! Wendy is the best at keeping in touch and answering any questions we have! Willow came home healthy and happy, she’s very smart too. Wendy taught her how to do her business on the pads and she continues to do so! We are so happy with our baby and the whole experience, we hope to get a sibling for Willow from Wendy eventually too :)

04-16-2020 3:28:20 PM MST

Just wanted to say thank you here to Wendy bringing Kimba (three months old now) and I together. She’s a delightful female Pekingese. She was even paper trained expertly by Wendy and proudly displayed her skills first off! I couldn’t be happier, very thankful I adopted here.

Bonnie Barr   bonnieswanbarr@verizon.net
03-24-2020 3:34:07 PM MST

My beautiful Brandee was born on March 17, 2018 my Irish girl I had my Maddee girl for 10 years. She hurt her back and was in so much pain, I had to have her put to sleep. I had a very had time finding a breeder in California. I was so lucky to find Windy and her sister in law. I chose Windy because I could drive to pick up my puppy. Windy listened to what I was looking for in color and sex. She sent me pictures of the many puppies she had delivered through the years. I wanted my puppy to be different then my cream Maddee was. She had a litter with one girl which was a dark fawn. I fell in love with her color and beautiful face. Windy raises her puppies in her home with such love. She begins to potty train them, and if you give her the name you are going to call them she states using It and calls them by that name so they learn it by the time you bring them home. Because she keeps them on a time schedule I didn’t have any trouble when she came home. She went to bed the first night and never cried. She used her potty pad and didn’t cry when she woke at 9:00 am for her breakfast. She was so easy. She is full of love and kisses. Loves to play with her ball and toys. She loves ice cubes and hits them around the floor like she is playing hockey. You will get such a wonderful Peke from Windy.

03-09-2020 6:01:01 PM MST

This is Spindle and she will be 6 on June 4, 2020. In the 90’s our family had a Pekingese which our kids grew up with, she passed at the age of 12. Almost 6 years ago we decided to look at getting another dog and thought how much we loved our first peek. At that point I started looking for breeders and came across Wendy and all her beautiful pups. I reached to out her at the perfect time. She had a 4 week old litter and I had spotted a cute little girl. Through our communication back and forth Wendy and I made arrangements to meet so that we could look at the beautiful pup before leaving a deposit. Wendy is so compassionate and passionate about her fur baby family, she is very detailed with all records. I’ve enjoyed sending Wendy a new picture of Spindle every year on her b-day. A little bit about Spindle, she has an amazing personality and is absolutely a beautiful, loving and want to moosh/snuzzle you but do not let that fool you. She is no diva/princess at all, she is a rough and tumble pup, she plays harder with dad then a big dog. Lol She has been raised in an off road racing family and travel with us on our racing adventures. We always say when asked about her name (Spindle) that it’s an off road thing. THANK YOU Wendy for a wonderful dog!! We may be looking at a sister for Spindle in the future.

03-08-2020 11:53:22 PM MST
Hi, Wendy, I just saw your e-mail, and want to answer right away. Our Li Chen will be 6 years old on June 5, 2020, and he is the light of our life. We still have him paper-trained, and he uses his pee pads perfectly. As to his diet, we no longer give him commercial dog food. Once I read the ingredients, I did not want him to eat that. He gets scrambled egg in the morning, and at night, I give him lean ground beef, cooked in a little water, and rice, and often also cooked carrots. He also likes little bites of peeled apple. He loves it and he is thriving. We are keeping up with all his vaccinations, and he recently got the first flu shot of a series of 2. He is an indoor dog, and he loves his walks. He is extremely clean, and has no fleas. I brush him every day, because Pekes shed a lot, but I don’t mind When we travel, we board him with our Vet, who has a beautiful “pet hotel” above his clinic, and when we board him I send his food along in individual dishes and, on a longer trip, we’ll take the rest frozen with instructions. I often say “Wendy”, and his ears perk up. I am sorry I can’t send pictures. Don’t have a smart phone, and have none on the Mac; just have photos. You can quote me on your website: " We are so glad that we found you and had the chance to pick our boy from a litter of beautiful puppies." All the best, Erika, Chuck and Li Chen

03-08-2020 5:14:25 PM MST
My family and I had a Pekingese we got as a rescue and fell in love with her and the breed. She was full grown when we got her so we did not know how old she was, but after 12 years with our family she passed away. We were very sad and looking to fill the hole in our hearts when we found Wendy and Don on justluvempekingese-sistersite.com. Wendy responded immediately to our inquiries about their dogs and was very accommodating in getting us our new puppy Daisy. Daisy came with all of her paperwork and shots plus a very helpful starter pack of food, dog bed, blanket, and toys. We are very satisfied with their service and loving our new puppy!

03-08-2020 4:57:51 PM MST

Wendy, I thank you for raising such a wonderful, calm puppy. Teddy let me sleep since day 1 since he came here. When I put him in his room he dont cry. What did you with him? He is a good boy at night time he dont cry or bark at all. He learned to go on wee wee pad the first night. He learned to sit and his name the first day too. So smart he is. You did an amazing job the first few weeks of his puppyhood. Everyone that meets him loves him they say why is he so calm? I told them its his breeder who raised him well He is chewing his bone in his room. I bought him a new bed today. Vet said he is getting big I might get a baby sister for him next spring so keep me in mind. I will reccomend you to everyone. Everyone tells me what a good beautiful puppy he is but thats cause you did an amazing job raising him.

linsy bear
03-08-2020 2:20:04 PM MST
adopted my little Bear (formerly Donatello) from Wendy on August 4, 2017. I can’t say enough good things about Wendy. First, she doesn’t let her puppies go home until they are 10 weeks. I have always been reluctant to take dogs at 6 weeks as they are not ready to be separated from their mom. We drove to CA from AZ to pick up Bear and we did not have any problems on the 6 hour drive home. He rode very well in the car. He came to us paper trained and now, at 4 months, he is housebroken. I have NEVER housetrained a dog that quickly. He is so smart and healthy. Bear fits in our home perfectly! If you want a Pekingese, contact Wendy. She will provide you with a healthy, well-adjusted and adorable puppy!

03-08-2020 2:18:01 PM MST

Bruce Collins Sun, Dec 4, 2016, 11:24 AM to me My little Newt arrived on time via air ready to give kisses immediately. He is absolutely adorable and just the most loving little boy and so very smart. I couldn't be more pleased and if you are looking for a wonderful sweet, loving, intelligent Pekingese to bring into your lives be very confident you have made the right decision by purchasing from Wendy.

03-08-2020 2:08:59 PM MST

I am so grateful for my puppy, Georgie, who I got from Wendy when she was just 8 weeks old. I did months of research after falling in love with Pekingese and wanted to make sure that they would be a good fit for my lifestyle and home. It was important to get a puppy with good temperament so that I could bring them wherever I go, including to work. Once I found Wendy, I knew this was a responsible breeder who I could trust. I spoke to Wendy over text, phone and email leading up to making my decision and within minutes, she was responding to my lengthy questions. I was so impressed with her knowledge of the breed and more importantly, her love for her dogs. When she had a litter of puppies, I drove to see her at her home. She is so sweet and her home is exactly what I hoped for; happy little dogs running around with toys and lots of family to love and care for them. I was able to see and hold Georgie when she was just five or six weeks at Wendy's house and she was perfect. I also got to see Georgie's mom, Sushi and dad, Ping Pong who are both adorable and small. Being able to see the mom and dad dog and their temperament confirmed just how serious Wendy takes the responsibility of raising happy, healthy dogs. I left with a sense of comfort knowing Georgie was being raised in such a great home. I couldn't wait to bring her home! Wendy kept me updated on a weekly basis leading up to when it was time to pick up Georgie. I would receive vet updates, pictures, (which were my favorite!), and all of the general information new puppy owners could expect When it was finally time to take her home, Wendy and her husband Don met with me to get her settled. They brought me a care package that was beyond anything I'd expected. It had her bed, her toys, food, a fluffy blanket and even a little red t-shirt with a sparkly bone on it! This was too much - I couldn't believe how much thought they put into every detail. Even then, since we were near a Petsmart, I asked if Wendy and Don would be kind enough to go in with me to stock up on anything else I might need. They happily did and I was able to get things like her puppy shampoo, the large bag of the food that she eats and a few other fun things. They were amazing and even insisted on buying a few more supplies for me! As if that wasn't enough, they offered to stay and buy me lunch. Just absolutely lovely people who through this experience have become friends. Once I got her home, she was crate-trained within a few days, sleeping for 8 hours(!!!!!) and is the sweetest, funniest little puppy ever. I taught her to sit and shake when she was only 9 weeks old, which still amazes people when they see it because she learned when she was so little! She is so smart and has since learned even more commands. I am so in love with little Georgie and it turns out, so is everyone else! So many people want to take her picture that I finally made her an Instagram page called Hi_Im_Georgie! We share pictures on there as well as on Wendy's Instagram and Facebook page, PekingeseRus. There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not stopped for people to come up and pet and fawn over Georgie. She is incredibly social and loving with all people and animals and I take her with me everywhere because she's so small! For anyone who asks, I point them directly to Wendy. They will not find a better mentor should they decide to adopt one of these little cuties! I can't say enough great things about Wendy and the amazing job she does. I am happy to provide a reference to anyone who is thinking about getting one of Wendy's puppies. This entire experience has been wonderful and I couldn't be happier!

03-08-2020 2:07:36 PM MST

My husband and I adopted a sweet and beautiful Pekingese puppy (Samantha) from Wendy in May of 2014.  She was born on the day our loving Tootsie (also a darling Pekingese) died in March 2014.  We had adopted Tootsie from Wendy's sister in-law Terry and when Tootsie left us, we knew we wanted another. As Terry no longer resided in California we were fortunate to meet Wendy.  From the time we knew we were adopting Samantha Wendy kept us informed on her development and progress.  Even after we brought her home Wendy continued to be a great source of information and insight.  From the day we brought her home Samantha has been healthy and happy and I credit her care from before she was born as the basis for this.  We are currently waiting to bring home a playmate for Sam - also from Wendy!  And he is receiving the same great nurturing care as all of the puppies receive from Wendy.  My husband and I feel so fortunate to have met Wendy and have been so blessed with these great dogs.  Thank you  Linda s. From Ca

03-08-2020 2:03:34 PM MST

Thank you so very much Wendy for such a beautiful gift!! We cannot express enough all of the gratitude we have for you and your family for our precious little Bentley!! Last year we decided we wanted to give our 16 year old Peke a little buddy. It had been only "Bailey" since she was 3 mo old. We went to Wendy's amazing, well illustrated website and took a look at the puppies she had available. We fell in love right away! There was Bentley, cute as can be! We immediately texted Wendy to inquire about him. Within minutes Wendy responded to us and within a few days time she was letting us know we could meet to see Bentley. We drove 3.5 hours in the rain to meet. Right away I could see that Bentley was well cared for. He was very used to being held, and loved. The interaction with Wendy was very comfortable. She is very passionate about her pups and wants only the best for them. She went over his shot record with us, Everything was up to date. She gave us a care package for Bentley to send him off with. Toys, his baby blanket, food etc. Got home and took him into our vet....Perfect health! He is a sweet, well adjusted 1 year old now. He brings so much joy to our lives, everyday!! He is very social and LOVES his toys! And our NOW 17 year old Peke absolutely loves him!! She didn't quite feel that way when we brought him home, but now she does for sure! He keeps her young and active! There are not many days that pass where I am not thinking of Wendy and the love she gave to Bentley his first few months. She is like a distant family member that you cherish, but just don't get the opportunity to see often. I am always sending her updates with Bentley as she cares so much about her pups!!! She is a breeder that I highly recommend to anyone wanting a well taken care of Peke. Thank you again for our beautiful baby and the care you gave and continue to give! Tiffany and Dirk Hansen may- 2019

Diane Day   dmday533@comcast.net
03-07-2020 3:49:30 PM MST

This is our beautiful Holly Mei Hua who is four years old. We looked all over our area for a Pekingese and couldn't find one and were so delighted to find Wendy and her beautiful puppies. Holly is the sweetest little social butterfly who wants to play with everyone she meets, including her veterinarian and staff who she just visited for a checkup. This is because Wendy breeds puppies with good dispositions and starts them out in life with love and good socialization. You can see by her photo the beautiful dogs that Wendy breeds as she is very knowledgeable and was a delight to work with. She always wants to know if I am giving Holly kisses. How can you resist?

Laura   laurafromagoura@gmail.com
03-06-2020 11:55:05 PM EST

This is gorgeous girl Daisy Dukes who will be 8 June 1. I can’t say enough good things about Wendy and Terry . They are the most knowledgeable about the Pekingese breed and I love my healthy sweet girl more than words could ever say! I consider both my good friends and are always there to answer any questions. Highly recommend for a healthy well socializied sweet puppy to add to your family ♥️ I will always get my Pekes from these experts and key word knowledgeable and kind people

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